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2008 Quinta do Crasto

Posted: 10:44 Wed 07 Apr 2021
by Altrurian
Bottle purchased at Mercado Sto. Ildefonso in Porto for €45.20.

The wine is a very deep purple, abruptly transitioning to brown on the barest edge of the circumference of its surface. It is utterly opaque. Its aroma is restrained, but suggests a piquant, citric acidity. Any notion of oranges or lemons is immediately dispelled, however, as the wine is introduced to the palate. Its flavor invokes nothing so much as the thought of blueberries: of an accessible, even welcoming, fruity sweetness. I would characterize the taste as more fresh than savory, though with certain undertones of the latter. After an instant of this benign (but not entirely unsophisticated) sweetness, it becomes apparent that it is undergirded by a sturdy, peppery structure that is almost jalapeño-like in its forthrightness. The slight sting of the peppers, leavened beautifully by the blueberries, suffuses the sinuses very agreeably, encouraging pleasant reflection.

Re: 2008 Quinta do Crasto

Posted: 20:34 Wed 07 Apr 2021
by Will W.
A lovely note; and a fine name. Welcome to the Port Forum Altrurian.

Re: 2008 Quinta do Crasto

Posted: 09:37 Thu 08 Apr 2021
by Altrurian
Thanks for that gracious welcome, Will. I offer this first note with no little trepidation! ‘Looking forward to learning more, from the wine and the forum.