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1970 Sandeman

Posted: 21:19 Fri 16 Oct 2020
by winesecretary
English bottled. A well-kept bottle, level into neck and cork eased out clean in one piece. Some fairly lumpy sediment.

+0.5-3 hours

Cherry-coloured, 60% opaque. Faint nose of rose hips. Very sweet red fruits early, pronounced tobacco thereafter, followed by cherries poached in a kirsch syrup. Slightly drying late, with a hint of spice very late.

A delicious example of this wine which, while it merits a 'drink up' rating and would probably have been better five years ago, was still delicious.

+24 hours

A little darker. Still very faint on the nose. Kirsch and blackberry syrup on the palate. Drying out on the finish. Keeping to try the next day enough for a couple of glasses was a mistake. One to drink at a sitting, this one.

Consumed 16/10/20 & 17/10/20, the former with co-tasters.