NV Croft Reserve Tawny

Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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Tasting notes for individual Ports, with an index sorted by vintage and alphabetically.
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NV Croft Reserve Tawny

Post by JacobH » 21:25 Mon 28 Sep 2020

Having recently been disparaging about reserve tawnies, I thought I should open one. There is nothing like the objective test of drinking to beat out any prejudices. (Ironically, the test of drinking is entirely subjective, but nevermind). I bought this case a couple of years ago to make bishop at Christmas but haven’t really drunk it seriously beyond having a glass whilst making the same.

It’s bottled in rather attractive clear glass “decanters” with a fat t-cork. A sticker claims the :ws: gave it 90 points at some stage.

Tasting 1

Notes: One of the best tasting basic tawnies: very quaffable as a daily-drinker.

Date: 20th December 2018

Rated*: P+

Tasting 2

Notes: Red in the middle, fading towards the edge. On the nose, some distant fresh fruit. Perhaps plums? Not too spirity. Not obviously tawny. In the mouth, immediately quite sweet. No real acidity but a strong sensation of oranges immediately after tasting it. Little fruit: perhaps red currants at most. No obvious tannins or tawny secondary characteristic. Short-ish aftertaste which is pleasant. For what it is, this is pretty good.

Date: 28th September 2020

Rated*: P+

Moral of the story? As always with Port, trust your palate and nothing else!

www.jacob-head.com/port/records/tasting ... ny_Reserve

* A Note on Ratings

My rating system attempts to answer the question “is this a good Port?” one of three ways: N—No; P—Possibly; or C—Certainly. Ports generally are rated against others of their category. Therefore, a Ruby Port which I rate as C for Certainly good, might not be as good as a Vintage Port which receives the same rating. I sometimes modify my rating with a plus or minus indicating that the Port is better or worse than might be expected for this category.

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