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2018 Quevedo

Posted: 13:00 Tue 15 Sep 2020
by akzy
This has been my first port in... Almost a month - I'm excited!

From initial pop and pour (&+3hrs).
It's an inky deep crimson in the decanter. The nose is a little closed but then I have only just opened. In the mouth its a lovely blackcurrant hit (reminds me of having a ribena) with... chelsea buns? In the mouth it has a nice amount of grip but nothing too killer shutting to shut it off early. The taste is tame and mainly lead by quite sweet blackcurrants but with an interesting burnt citrus hit on the way out adding a little bitterness.

+24 hrs
The nose has opened considerably. A quite hearty, red fruit mix lead by ripe cherries and just a tiny whiff of nectarine - its incredibly satisfying. The blackcurrant is less prominent but the taste generally feels more complex. Lots of different things going on making it hard for me to pinpoint flavours (cherries, some mint?) - highly enjoyable though. A little bit of heat and a good grip in the mouth.
I feel like this has been blended trying to make the character of an older VP in something young. As a result, I have no idea how it will turn out in 20/30 years but I certainly would love to try it!

Today is has opened beautifully on the nose. A sweet mix of cherries, blueberries and again, a small citrus hit- everything you'd really want for a young VP. In the mouth, the flavours I was struggling to perceive have become more apparent. Cherries, strawberries jam with an almond undertone (I feel I'm describing one of Mr. Kipling's Cherry Bakewells). To say I'm not huge on bakewells, I do like this a lot! Genuinely surprised how well this has come out given the past few days. I reiterate last night's note that I would love to try in a couple of decades.


Thanks to Tony and VWP for sending me this bottle after a duff, small, sample bottle during the Quevedo tasting. It's greatly appreciated.