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2007 Marks and Spencer

Posted: 23:08 Fri 11 Sep 2020
by winesecretary
Another bottle of this sadly-all-sold-now bargain port, about nine months after the previous sampling.

This is a bottle I have had open for five days now, albeit refrigerated in shrinking sizes of container as about a glass a night has been consumed.

The colour remains 95% opaque with red rim. The herbaceous nose - eucalyptus, mint - continues in effect. The palate of poached plums and pontefract cakes still charms. The tannins are fairly unemphatic for a 2007, more Green-and-Blacks-70%-chocolatey rather than anything more aggressive, and there isn't too much wood, so there's some fruit even on the finish.

While I think it does still absolutely require 24 hours before you start consumption, to allow the heat time to blow off, this remains by a very wide margin the port bargain of 2019. If you have several bottles, do try one. If you have one bottle give it another three or four years...