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NV Niepoort Crusted Bottled 2014

Posted: 20:35 Mon 24 Aug 2020
by winesecretary

95% opaque red juice

I'd probably get it as a young Niepoort blind as it has that supercharged rich-but-serious Cabernet nose with chocolate promised. Palate has huge dollops of sweet inky currants and blackberries at first, then the tannins build in minty, increasingly spicy, blackcurrant waves, then it eventually wanes to a redcurrant and chocolate finish after about 45 seconds.

I understand this is a blend of 2009, 2010, and 2011 including some wine from the Pisca/Bioma vineyard. It is delicious young port, just about drinkable now, but with pleasure to offer over an extended period of time (10+ years?). While quite fairly/fully priced (£26-£28) in the UK it is preposterously cheap at about £17 from Garrafeira Nacional.

Tasted 24/8/20.