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1967 Croft Roeda

Posted: 23:11 Fri 14 Aug 2020
by winesecretary
2 hr decant. Astonishing amounts of sediment. Almost sludge. Perhaps two tablespoonsfull.

I was planning to crack a fairly-newly-arrived Niepoort Crusted (Bottled 2014) to celebrate my return to my flat after minor renovations but on reviewing the wine fridge I found that this bottle had a raised cork and decided to execute it forthwith. The level was base of neck. In fact the cork was in admirable condition on extraction with the reassuring kiss of the seal breaking as it came out courtesy of the Durand.

40% opaque plum-coloured wine. Some quite prominent VA on the nose, with some slightly sulky berry fruit poking out from underneath. A little tar, later. On the palate this is very tertiary, the primary flavour being poached plum skins rather than poached plums or fruits. Very long, and rather lovely, warm finish of dried orange peel and dried cranberries. Other bottles may have survived better; but on this showing the finish is the best element of this pretty bottle of port which, while pleasurable, is now fragile, past its best, and one to drink up.