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2017 Quinta do Noval

Posted: 21:09 Sun 28 Jun 2020
by JacobH
Opaque purple, fading to indigo on the rim. Deep concentrated fruit on the nose. Some grapes, too. In the mouth, stacks of tannins and pronounced acidity. Good balance of red currants, blackberry and other red fruits. Some floral tones, too. Very elegant for a young vintage port with the potential to be excellent.

Tasted at: Quinta do Noval Virtual Tasting with 67 Pall Mall

Date: 28th June 2020

Rated: C ... al_2017_VP

(A Note on Ratings

My rating system attempts to answer the question β€œis this a good Port?” one of three ways: No; Possibly; or Certainly. Ports generally are rated against others of their category. Therefore, a Ruby Port which I rate as C for Certainly good, might not be as good as a Vintage Port which receives the same rating. I sometimes modify my rating with a plus or minus indicating that the Port is better or worse than might be expected for this category.)