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2014 Churchill

Posted: 12:57 Thu 25 Jun 2020
by winesecretary
From half bottle.

+15 mins decant

95% opaque red-purple juice.

On the nose warm sage and a wash of red berries- really rather attractive, if a bit obvious.

On the palate, considerable breadth of young fruit flavour- blackcurrant, loganberry, raspberry each presenting distinctly one after the other.

30 second warming finish, a hint of orange combining with liquorice.

Very attractive port but probably not one for old bones. I am not sure, blind, I would get it as an 'English house'. While not 'black strap' it is definitely black-fruit exuberant.

+48 hours (stored in fridge and allowed to return to cool room temperature)

95% opaque, pale rim. Still looks young.

Quite hot on the nose. Some plum, sugary biscuits, raisins, fruit cake.

On the palate, sultanas, brown sugar, plums.

Hotness on the finish where the soft liquorice now predominates

Very different from 48 hours earlier, and not improved by the wait since it lost all the exuberant fruit.

Consumed 22/6/20 & 24/6/20 with a co-taster.