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1955 Sandeman

Posted: 09:41 Thu 27 Feb 2020
by nac
Presented blind by GEAG on Tuesday 25th February 2020 - Emergency @ 67 Pall Mall

Holding note

Re: 1955 Sandeman

Posted: 22:25 Sun 01 Mar 2020
by winesecretary
30% opaque. Pale pink with some orange, Spirity nose with some tobacco. Warm orange on the palate. Drying out but with some interest still. Hint of sweet chili on the finish. A slightly flawed bottle; more than merely drinkable; but I cannot see this wine as being anything other than on the downwards slope.

Re: 1955 Sandeman

Posted: 12:16 Tue 03 Mar 2020
by flash_uk
10% opacity, golden yellow. Extracted ripe citrus fruit, vanilla and marzipan on the nose. Syrupy, chewy entry, nuts, margin, heat late palate. I guessed G55.