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1980 Taylor

Posted: 09:41 Thu 27 Feb 2020
by nac
Presented blind by JDAW on Tuesday 25th February 2020 - Emergency @ 67 Pall Mall

Holding note

Re: 1980 Taylor

Posted: 22:22 Sun 01 Mar 2020
by winesecretary
80% opaque with a slightly orange rim. Violets on the nose- clearly Taylors. In the mouth- oh, that's very good stuff. Chewy with rich dark fruits. Very long. I guessed 1985 Taylor, since I've never tasted a 1980 Taylor close in quality to this. My WOTN, and a close second for the group to IDJ's G70 (both got points from all attendees).

Re: 1980 Taylor

Posted: 12:15 Tue 03 Mar 2020
by flash_uk
40% opcaity, mature red. Wonderful rich christmas cake nose. Rich, full mouthfeel. Cranberries, soft tannins, lovely sweetness, great structure. I guessed T70 which is a fine tribute to this T80! As others have said elsewhere, this was a very fine bottle of T80, probably the best I have tasted.