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1950 Offley Boa Vista

Posted: 09:34 Thu 27 Feb 2020
by nac

Re: 1950 Offley Boa Vista

Posted: 22:05 Sun 01 Mar 2020
by winesecretary
10% clear, 30% orange, 60% pink: this is not a young wine. Some fire on the nose. In the mouth long, luscious, nutty, with oranges. Still port. Guessed Croft 1955.

Re: 1950 Offley Boa Vista

Posted: 09:17 Tue 03 Mar 2020
by nac
Decanted 6am on day of tasting - so 12-13 hours before drinking.

Level was mid-shoulder (quite hard to see on the photo, so indicated with red line), and some signs of seepage. Remains of pink wax capsule. Other bottles from the same batch are clearly marked. [Will upload a comparative photo for reference]

Cork crumbled, but remains of "BOA VISTA" visible.

OBV50 snip.JPG
OBV50 snip.JPG (73.91 KiB) Viewed 3292 times

Pale amber, 30%?
Very little fruit on the nose - leather, nutty.
Much better in the mouth - lots of spirit, no remaining tannin, long.
Quite nice still. Scored 4/7.

Re: 1950 Offley Boa Vista

Posted: 12:06 Tue 03 Mar 2020
by flash_uk
25% opacity, rich amber, copper. Lovely marmalade nose. Fabulously silky entry, delicate yet syrupy. Huge fruit, massive oranges, slightly extracted, marmalade. Very mature but retains great balance with good acidity. Lovely port.