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NV Delaforce 20 YO Tawny - Curious and Ancient

Posted: 00:19 Tue 11 Feb 2020
by winesecretary
A pre-2003 (IVP) bottling in the olde worlde dumpy bottle, probably in fact bottled in the 1970s. Cork disintegrated on extraction.

The wine on decanting turbid (rarely get to use that word these days) brown with orange rim.

Popped decanted and poured; will revisit idc. For now:

- Nose strongly spiritous.

- Very strong orange taste on the front palate, fading to nuts and raisins, but with a marked taste of the wood from whence it came.

- Simple, but better than feared.

Re: NV Delaforce 20 YO Tawny - Curious and Ancient

Posted: 18:17 Fri 14 Feb 2020
by winesecretary
Revisited daily for past three days.

- The wine remained turbid.

- Nose increasingly vegetal. The spirity note faded, but nothing pleasant replaced it.

- Palate sweet and sugary, the fruit characteristic having evaporated.

- It got worse rather than better.

This was a badly-stored bottle of a port that must be in any case beyond its best. Down the sink with it.