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2007 Marks and Spencer

Posted: 15:48 Sat 20 Jul 2019
by winesecretary
80% opaque with a slight haze. Young, full throated, spirity port with lots of liquorice on the mid-palate. Warm, longish finish. Tasted blind, and fooled by the spirity quality, I thought this might be a Taylor VP. So, pretty good stuff if you can get it. 21/05/19.

Re: 2007 Marks and Spencer

Posted: 18:55 Sun 08 Sep 2019
by winesecretary
Now that I have got my hands on some bottles of this, I find from the back label that the grapes were selected by David Guimaraens and Natasha Bridge blended it, so the similarity in style to Taylor VP is explained...

Re: 2007 Marks and Spencer

Posted: 15:53 Thu 05 Dec 2019
by rich_n
I finally decided to get into my stash after the madness of the M&S raids earlier in the year. This is a lovely port, not hugely complex but very enjoyable and easy drinking. Quite a spirity nose with some hints of cherry, but opens up much more on the palate with a dominant strawberry note backed by redcurrants and as noted in the prior tasting notes here a decent chunk of liquorice in the mid-palate. Plenty of spice throughout and a warm but not overly long finish.

I shall certainly enjoy a fair few bottles of this and will continue to delight in whatever unfathomable decision making led to the £6 a bottle price point!