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1994 Taylor

Posted: 16:38 Thu 18 Oct 2018
by AHB
The current offer by the glass at the Oxford & Cambridge Club, offered @ £9 for a 100ml pour. Deep brick red colour with a wide transparent rim. Complex on the nose with sweet red fruit, mixing sweet alpine strawberry with green bay leaves. Less pronounced on the nose than some 1994 vintage ports, but attractive. Powerful acidity on the palate overwhelms everything at first. Some patience allows the palate to develop many layers of flavour with fruit, lemon drops and a delightful floral overtone. Rich and deep, and very big. Lots of cracked black pepper on the aftertaste, with the heat lasting for nearly a minute before the dry cherry and almond skin tannins begin to emerge. This is a big, powerful port which can be drunk with enjoyment (provided you are expecting the power) now but will reward another 30 years in the cellar. And the finish never does - it lasted a good 15 minute walk to my next venue. 95/100. Drunk 18-Oct-18.

Wow, this is a port for JDAW!