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1963 Niepoort

Posted: 20:52 Mon 09 Apr 2018
by jdaw1
In a bottle of Fonseca 1963 was a question rather than a certain answer:
jdaw1 wrote:
13:45 Sat 17 Feb 2018
Are the 1963s coming into their second wind?
Recognising that this scientific question needed scientific experiment, a round dozen of us gathered to test some 1963s.


Re: 1963 Niepoort

Posted: 10:08 Thu 12 Apr 2018
by PhilW
Murky in colour, unfortunately this was not in great condition; there was some underlying complexity providing hints of what this wine might be, but the flavour had probably been somewhat stripped through filtering at decant (understood to have been filtered twice to try and resolve the haze). I had been looking forward to this wine, but sadly this bottle did not deliver as hoped.
Rating: g

Re: 1963 Niepoort

Posted: 10:31 Fri 13 Apr 2018
by flash_uk
60% opacity, brown, totally cloudy. Sugary nose. Sugary sweet, flawed. Perhaps cooked in a loft somewhere during its lifetime.

Re: 1963 Niepoort

Posted: 18:34 Sun 30 Dec 2018
by jdaw1
Ni63: red-red-brown, cloudy, 40% opaque. Saccharine nose; palate of orange and coffee. Long ending, dominated by coffee.