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1954 Harvey

Posted: 11:03 Tue 03 Apr 2018
by PhilW
Provided by Tom, pop'n'poured at the White Horse in Newport, and drunk alongside some G63. The shipper is not known for certain, though believed to be Graham; the cork showed only "Harvey's vintage 1954" (the 4 was viable, though not completely visible) and another panel which looked as though it said "bottled by Harvey's" though was somewhat unclear.

A deep crimson colour (darker than the G63) and in superb condition, with wonderful aromas immediately post-decant; full and delicious flavour, sweet and long. Certainly believable that this might have been Grahams (by comparison, the G63 drunk alongside was also very good, firmer but with a slight heat on the finish, though only minor; a pair of excellent wines). The bottle did not last long.