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1963 Burmester

Posted: 10:00 Fri 05 Jan 2018
by AHB
Dark orange in colour, 30% opaque; not looking like a vintage port but more like a 10YO tawny. Oxidised nose with butterscotch and rhubarb; disappointingly flat. Neutral entry, bringing little flavour. The mid-palate shows some rhubarb acidity and some pleasant buttery and toffee flavours. The acidity shows with some heat on the aftertaste and the finish is mostly delivered by the alcohol, which gives a peppercorn edge to the palate. Only on the late finish does this show anything resembling flavours, and those are very tertiary brown and burnt sugar tones. At best, this bottle is inoffensive. This bottle is 20 years past its best but perhaps was compromised by a poor cork.

A couple of days later this was still drinking adequately but was showing a distinct set of coffee flavours on the palate. 73/100. 12-Dec-17. Decanted 2 hours.