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1927 Graham

Posted: 22:42 Thu 28 Dec 2017
by jdaw1
Some of the usual suspects gathered at the White Horse in Newport, Essex for the traditional Port Forum Christmas gathering to which were brought the traditional ‘Unknown shippers and their peculiar friends’. Delights of the evening included the very fine fillet steaks, the sparkling company of Jo (pub manager), Mel (on duty for the evening) and Jane the chef.


Re: 1927 Graham

Posted: 23:46 Tue 02 Jan 2018
by AHB
Deep red/brown colour, dark and very attractive appearance; 90% opaque. Rich mincemeat nose; complex, with spices and fruit stewed together until the flavours merged — fabulous and delicious. Sweet and poised on the palate with hints of brown sugar and a huge dose of tannins grabbing the attention. Dark honey and thick treacle mingle with the acidity but never masks the hollowness of the palate. The late palate is light and harsh and overly acidic. The aftertaste is very modest. Overall this is very disappointing.

A 6cl sample taken home was drunk two days later when the port clearly showed how much it had suffered from the short decant it was given. With the extra 48 hours of decanting this delivered a totally different experience with a powerful cherry and cinnamon nose; a rich, sweet and fruity palate with great secondary flavours mixed in with the fruit and an amazing dusty cherry finish. While the initial tasting generated a score of only 84/100, the additional time allowing the port to further develop generated an improved score of 95/100.

Re: 1927 Graham

Posted: 17:41 Wed 17 Jan 2018
by flash_uk
40% opacity, warm red with an amber rim. Nose of ripe cranberry and strawberry, plus some chocolate and spice. Nice balance, heat in the finish, muted red fruits, bubblegum, and lip licking sweetness in the finish.

Just reading AHB's note above, I must have left this to open up in the glass some considerable time!

Re: 1927 Graham

Posted: 10:10 Thu 18 Jan 2018
by PhilW
Absolutely fabulous - dark, spicy, delicious, full, sweet, very soft, lovely; less backbone, more sweetness than F27 yesterday.
Per Flash's comment above, the second half of AHB's tasting note mirrors my experience, not the first.
rating: ex+