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1927 Warre

Posted: 17:14 Sun 24 Dec 2017
by jdaw1
Alex, Axel, Enrico, Julian, Phil, Tom, and two Wolfgangs met for luncheon on Wednesday 20th December 2017 at Otto’s Restaurant (182 Gray’s Inn Road WC1X 8EW).


Re: 1927 Warre

Posted: 20:36 Sun 24 Dec 2017
by jdaw1
W27. Glorious red, 40% opaque. rich, very dry mid-palate, with caramel especially at the end. Quite meaty. Excellent Port, but that lunch bettered by Fonseca, Taylor, Martinez and Constantino.

Re: 1927 Warre

Posted: 21:32 Mon 01 Jan 2018
by AHB
Bottled by J Lovibond of Greenwich. A lovely mature reddish-brown colour, 70% opaque. A delicious nose of spiced black cherry; warm, rich and spicy, full of ground pepper and snuff. Wow! A brilliant nose, much brighter and sharper than the Taylor, the Taylor being much sweeter smelling. A balanced palate, rather drier than the Taylor but with great complexity and freshness. Some dryness on the palate, but this is adequately compensated for by the complexity coming from the nutmeg, mace and cloves. A dry finish, combining lovely sour cherry and bitters. Wonderfully fragrant, albeit dry. Lingering licorice root stays in the mouth for quite a while. Long and fragrant, lovely port. 94/100.

Re: 1927 Warre

Posted: 14:27 Thu 11 Jan 2018
by PhilW
Full, dark; a touch dry mid-palate, lovely flavour, some dry tabacco, slight acidity on aftertaste. A good port, but overshadowed by its company. Also a wine which had been on my "unicorn list" (wines I would love to try, but thought I might never get the chance to), so very pleased to have had the opportunity.
Rating: vg/ex