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1927 Martinez

Posted: 17:14 Sun 24 Dec 2017
by jdaw1
Alex, Axel, Enrico, Julian, Phil, Tom, and two Wolfgangs met for luncheon on Wednesday 20th December 2017 at Otto’s Restaurant (182 Gray’s Inn Road WC1X 8EW).


Re: 1927 Martinez

Posted: 20:22 Sun 24 Dec 2017
by jdaw1
Mz27. Dark dark red, 50% opaque. For age, and even without that conditionality, very fine to behold. Large, plum-like fruit, black pepper, and plenty of sweetness. Another excellent bottle, though for me junior to the F and T.

Re: 1927 Martinez

Posted: 21:48 Mon 01 Jan 2018
by AHB
The darkest of the 1927 ports at this tasting, marginally darker than either the Fonseca or Taylor. A wonderful, massive nose with lots of spice and mace but also a disappointing hint of oxidation. Dark chocolate and burnt biscuit on the palate. The oxidised tone shows through but the whole palate is rather bitter. Not bad, but much less than it should have been. 80/100.

Re: 1927 Martinez

Posted: 14:23 Thu 11 Jan 2018
by PhilW
Dark, deep, lovely and excellent.
rating: ex+