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1955 Burmester Colheita

Posted: 20:57 Wed 04 Oct 2017
by AHB
Bottled 1979. Pale amber colour with a green rim; 20% opaque. Gentle toffee on the nose, with lots of VA suggesting this is a wood aged port. Toffee and coffee on the start of the palate, but in a light and gentle way. Delicate texture and light honey flavours on the palate; a very dry style of port. Big on the aftertaste, which is dry and slightly bitter, before a long finish of slightly dry damsons. Served blind, this was guessed to be a bottle of Niepoort 1977 Garrafeira. 87/100. Pop 'n' pour. Drunk 28 September 2017.

Re: 1955 Burmester Colheita

Posted: 11:35 Mon 23 Oct 2017
by flash_uk
20% opacity, amber, tobacco yellow. My note ends there! I guessed The Port Society 1974 Colheita.

Re: 1955 Burmester Colheita

Posted: 15:53 Tue 13 Aug 2019
by jdaw1
B55 colheita, noted only as “Orange” and “Very over-tawny”.