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1977 Croft

Posted: 23:00 Mon 28 Aug 2017
by LGTrotter
This has a Morgan Furze shipper label, as distinct from another stash I have with import label from the 'Dam. I think these bottles are better than the ones from the Netherlands. Looked a bit darker than I remember this wine, decidedly red and clear, good colour. Nice on the nose when first opened, quite plummy, which faded out as it was opened longer. Lovely soft mouthfeel, with a decent length and a firm tenor to the fruit. Neither the tannins nor the alcohol obtrude. A good glugger, which slipped down all too easily. It rather reminds me of the 1970 Croft, but then I always think that Croft ports do have a family resemblance to them. No rush to drink it, I would probably prefer this with another five or ten years of hang time, but certainly mature. 90 points.