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1983 Ramos Pinto

Posted: 12:11 Thu 10 Aug 2017
by flash_uk
On Wednesday 9th August 2017 we gathered at The Boot & Flogger to taste some port.


Re: 1983 Ramos Pinto

Posted: 12:01 Thu 17 Aug 2017
by flash_uk
20% opacity, dark red. On the nose, dark red fruit, some leather. Rich, full, syrupy, dark fruit, some spice, tannin in the finish. I guessed SW77.

Re: 1983 Ramos Pinto

Posted: 14:38 Sat 04 Nov 2017
by AHB
Deep red, intensely coloured; 90% opaque. A hint of bottle stink on the nose, or perhaps a very slight touch of VA. The texture on entry is lovely, a rich mouthfeel and a great balance. Deep, dark fruit and some distinct tannins swim about on the palate; a palate which is well balanced and delivers good depth. The aftertaste is fabulous and delivers a finish which is full of black cherry and dark chocolate. Served blind this was guessed to be Fonseca 1985. 90/100. 09-Aug-17. Decanted 11½ hours.