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2014 Quinta Santa Eufemia

Posted: 13:21 Sat 24 Jun 2017
by AHB
Dark red, the colour of black cherry juice; medium rim. Lovely nose full of blackcurrant and sweet cornflowers. Smooth entry, satin smooth, the tannins show predominantly on the entry but are wrapped in very sweet black cherry juice. Nice levels of acidity keep the wine fresh and focused. Lovely floral elements to the palate.

Good chewy tannins dominate the aftertaste and show some heat on the early finish, but this settles down to a long espresso and black cherry finish. Nice, but a little simple at the moment. 87-89/100. Drunk 24 Jun 2017.

Re: 2014 Quinta Santa Eufemia

Posted: 16:37 Sun 25 Jun 2017
by Andy Velebil
Agree this was a nice VP and a good mid term Drinker

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