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2012 Niepoort LBV

Posted: 11:48 Mon 13 Feb 2017
by nac
Bottled 2016, half bottle with "proper" driven cork. A gift from one of the sommeliers at the Rex Whistler restaurant at Tate Britain, but appears to be currently retailing around £20 for a 75cl bottle.

Pleasant nose, with good body and evident tannin. Slightly spirity finish, but overall not bad for an LBV. 7+/10.

Niepoort 2012 LBV.jpg
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Re: 2012 Niepoort LBV

Posted: 21:21 Mon 13 Feb 2017
by AW77
How long did you decant this one? Or did you pop and pour?

Re: 2012 Niepoort LBV

Posted: 14:25 Tue 14 Feb 2017
by nac
Popped & poured.

Drunk over space of a week. Vacuvin-ed in between. Didn't notice any particular develop during this period.

Re: 2012 Niepoort LBV

Posted: 11:18 Wed 20 Sep 2017
by H_Sterling
Had a taste of this yesterday - think it needs a few more years.