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Burmester has announced the launch of its 2016 Classic Vintage Port, a challenging year that ended up producing exceptional wines. In keeping with the brand’s identity and the profile established throughout its history, Burmester is launching a Vintage Port loaded with character and enormous ageing potential, translating secure values.

It was a particularly challenging year. We really had to make use of our profound knowledge of the grapes and vines, as each variety and each plot of vineyard developed at a different pace. Being patient and waiting for the right time was worth it, as demonstrated by the exceptional results we achieved with our various wines, explained Carlos Alves, Port winemaker at Sogevinus.

Generally speaking, the 2016 Vintage Ports are brimming with colour and full of structure, with a profile that is more concentrated, robust and intense when compared to the 2015 Vintages. A classic style for a Vintage.

Burmester Vintage Port 2016 is elegant, lighter and more fragrant, with a touch of balsamic. Firm structure, aromas of ripe fruit and excellent acidity, with a very long finish.

Harvest report

November and December 2015 were dry months, but the remaining Winter saw high levels of rainfall, especially during January and February 2016. Temperatures in December and January were above the average of the last 30 years.

Spring came with lots of rain and cold, which delayed the vine growth cycle. With higher temperatures and humidity in late Spring, it was necessary to increase the maintenance and care of the vineyards, acting at precisely the right time. Summer was very hot and dry, with thunder and hale occurring in July, which resulted in substantial yield losses in some specific locations.

Harvesting began around 10 days later than in 2015, a consequence of the delay in the vine growth cycle – a cold early Spring followed by a very hot Summer. Most of the grape bunches were smaller than normal, but that was offset by a good pulp/skin ratio and by a richer and more complex fruit.

Different ripening paces in different vineyard plots made it necessary to plan the harvest meticulously, something our viticulture team, lead by Márcio Nóbrega, did to perfection. The picking was done according to the optimum ripening point of each variety, plot by plot. The harvest of the white Port wine varieties began on September 12th and the red Port wine varieties a day later, with grapes from the Douro Superior.

The best performing variety was Touriga Franca, followed very closely by Touriga Nacional.

Tasting Notes
by the winemaker Carlos Alves

Burmester Vintage Port 2016

Grape Varieties: Touriga Nacional (50%) and Touriga Franca (50%), from vines more than 25 years old from Quinta do Arnozelo, Douro Superior.
Ruby colour. Exuberant aromas of red fruit, black currants, rock-rose and light peppermint notes. Extremely elegant and delicate, keeping with the profile of the house, it has firm structure, excellent flavours of ripe fruit and excellent acidity. A long and harmonious finish.

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I'm delighted to say that for those either attending or helping at the b.f.t., Sogevinus will be pouring their 2016 Burmester for tasting.
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