Colheita 1952

Port to sell? Excellent! Please post here, with details of what you have, how stored, and where in the world it is. Please start by reading our ‘Standard advice to would-be vendors’.
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Colheita 1952

Post by DavidRitchie » 15:51 Fri 22 Aug 2014

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Re: Colheita 1952

Post by DRT » 17:14 Sat 23 Aug 2014

Hi David,

I have had this port a couple of times and it is excellent. However, the storage conditions you describe are far from ideal as the cork might have dried out allowing air to enter the bottle and increase the rate at which the wine will have oxidated.

Bottles of this are available from reputable wine merchants, so probably very well stored, for around £150. Given hw yours has been stored I would estimate that you might get £50 for it.

I think you would be better drinking it :wink:

"The first duty of Port is to be red"
Ernest H. Cockburn

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