Ferreira 1977 Vintage Port

Port to sell? Excellent! Please post here, with details of what you have, how stored, and where in the world it is. Please start by reading our ‘Standard advice to would-be vendors’.
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Ferreira 1977 Vintage Port

Post by Andrew1958 » 13:09 Tue 24 Jun 2014

My father laid down 12 bottles of the above in December 1985 for my son. It has been moved just once since then and is kept under the stairs.
There are 11 bottles now as we drank one on the occasion of my sons 21st.
We are in two minds, do we sell or keep it? We understand the current value is between £80-£100
Would very much appreciate any advice.

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Re: Ferreira 1977 Vintage Port

Post by jdaw1 » 16:50 Tue 24 Jun 2014

Moved to the Selling Port section.

Hello and welcome. To sell or not to sell, that is the question. This post might help.

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Re: Ferreira 1977 Vintage Port

Post by AHB » 22:35 Fri 27 Jun 2014

The current retail price is around £80-100 but as a seller you would expect to be able net around half of that through a broker, retailer, auction or private sale. I would suggest that 11 bottles of Ferreira 1977 would be likely to net you a total of £400-500. If you let us know where you are in the country we could probably point you in the direction of a local auction house who would be able to help you to sell the bottles.
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