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Fonseca 1970 vintage port

Posted: 19:01 Sat 13 Apr 2019
by Powerlines2000

I am after some advice and info from those with more knowledge than I. Im in the UK and have a bottle of Fonseca 1970 vintage port, to my knowledge moved three times since its purchase but not kept in any specifically controlled way (think my grandfather aimed to drink it but never got the chance).

I was giving it by my grandmother to "get a few pennies" for my daughter and am aware that time is moving on and not sure how long it has (may be too late) before it is worthless.

I'm not expecting it to be worth a lot but wondered what it is worth? I'm not really a port drinker and think it would go to waste if I opened it.

Any help appreciated.


Re: Fonseca 1970 vintage port

Posted: 00:50 Sun 14 Apr 2019
by DRT

Fonseca 1970 is a wonderful Port so the gift from your grandparents was very special.

The current retail price for a bottle with very good provenance would be around £180. At auction it would be significantly less and in a private sale perhaps a bit more than half of that amount.

The good news is it is nowhere near becoming worthless. It will continue to increase in value for decades. 1970 is arguably one of the best vintages in the past 100 years and Fonseca is perhaps the best and definitely in the top three from that vintage.

The bad news is it might not have been properly stored, but you description doesn't contain enough information to know whether or not that is a problem.

In many years from now your daughter might turn out to enjoy Port more than you do. My recommendation would be to store it lying down in as stable and cool an environment as you can manage and then at an appropriate time open it with your daughter to toast and fondly remember her great grandparents.