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3 bottles of vintage port

Posted: 18:32 Mon 08 Oct 2018
by Sue Harmond
I have inherited 3 bottles of vintage port from my parents that I would be interested in selling. I have no clue where to start looking ,can anyone help at all please.
The bottles are
W & J Graham Oporto 1970
Croft’s 1975
sandeman Late bottled Vintage 1987 (in box )
I have tried to attach photos also but it is saying file too large ?

Thanks in advance.

Re: 3 bottles of vintage port

Posted: 21:52 Tue 09 Oct 2018
by DRT
Hi Sue,

You have my email address so if you send me the pictures I will happily post them for you.

Can you please tell us roughly where you (or the bottles) are and what you know about how and where they have been stored?


Re: 3 bottles of vintage port

Posted: 22:51 Tue 09 Oct 2018
by DRT
Pictures sent by email from Sue...
image1.jpeg (53.92 KiB) Viewed 998 times
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image2.jpeg (49.75 KiB) Viewed 996 times
Sue Harmond wrote:I inherited them 9 years ago after my Mum passed away. They have always been stored laying down and out of sunlight as advised by my dad. I believe they were given to them as gifts.
I’m based in Thundersley Essex.