1936 Lavadia Red Port from the Massandra Collection

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1936 Lavadia Red Port from the Massandra Collection

Post by veritasvino » 18:31 Wed 03 Jan 2018

Hello Port Forum! I have recently joined, in part to sell the last bottle of my liquidated (pun intended) collection. This is a rare bottle of 1936 Livadia Red Port, from the Massandra Collection (there is an interesting article about the collection here:

http://ny.sothebyswine.com/products.cfm ... a-Red-Port

As I am sure you know, the Massandra was formed by Tsar Nicholas II in 1894, survived WWII, and have only been auctioned three times (1990/91, 2001). I purchased this bottle around 15 years ago, and had it with my large 1977 port collection. It's been properly stored. I am in to Tokajis more now, and willing to part with this bottle for a reasonable offer.

(for whatever reason, it's not letting me load a 383kb file, so I can't post pictures?... Happy to email to anyone interested)

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