Quinta da Romaneira Vintage Ports Clearance

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Quinta da Romaneira Vintage Ports Clearance

Post by Apples1981 » 13:30 Mon 27 Nov 2017

Hello all!

This is my very first post on the forum and it is to offer you wonderful people an amazing chance to buy some (young) vintage Port at a ridiculous knock down price! Put quite simply Liberty Wines (who I work for) formerly distributed Quinta da Romaneira Douro wines and Ports. Now they have Sogrape's portfolio in their list they no longer want these wines sitting in the warehouse and as such are looking for buyers to clear the stock. This means the accountants here are willing to let me do a special cost +10% deal (to cover delivery and storage mainly) on the below Ports. In the interest of transparency I have put the under bond landed cost price and the selling price I can offer to you guys. However - I can only do this if:

*Orders could be collated into one shipment
*Orders are in whole case values (all are in cases of 6 bottles)
*Shipment could be under bond (I understand most likely this would be to Seckfords where it could be split)
*Minimum order of 20 complete cases

Quinta da Romaneira

RO503B07 2007 Vintage Port WB £94.56 (under bond cost) £105.07 (cost +10%) 78 bottles / 13 cases

RO503B08 2008 Vintage Port WB £100.99 (under bond cost) £112.21 (cost +10%) 18 bottles / 3 cases

RO503B11 2011 Vintage Port WB £131.38 (under bond cost) £145.98 (cost +10%) 564 bottles / 94 cases

Let me know if you are interested!

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