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Cálem Vintage Port 2005 - 3 bottles for sale

Posted: 13:12 Fri 10 Nov 2017
by jmrc
Cálem Vintage Port 2005
As far as I am aware, this wine is very difficult to find currently on sale (despite being from 2005) and, imho, will be quickly (if not already...) a rarity. Perhaps due the (small?) quantity of cases produced and to the awards collected:
It is a vintage port, ‘Portuguese style’, made by Cálem which in 2005 declared it as ‘classic vintage’. Even Cálem itself has only a few bottles (not for sale) in her historic cellar.
I drank one bottle (very nice juice, but my opinion is compromised), keep two in my cellar (I believe they have, at least, more 10-15 years ageing potential) and decided to sell the remaining three.
I bought the lot from a reputed supplier in Scandinavia which stored them professionally so the bottles are in excellent condition as seen in the photos below.
I’m based in Porto, Portugal, and I prefer to deliver the bottles from hand to hand (to the buyer, relatives, friends, ...) in Porto. Possible shipment abroad will be at the buyer's expenses and according to his specifications.
I am aware that it is not a Noval Nacional :wink: , but it certainly deserves a good palate and a fair price.
I would appreciate any forum advice (opinions, tasting notes, ...) and offers by PM.