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Croft 1977 VP

Posted: 18:44 Wed 27 Sep 2017
by gerwin.degraaf
I got the chance to buy a case of Croft 1977 VP quite recently (I need to collect them yet), at what seemed to me a very decent price.

With this purchase, I have exceeded the number of 1977 VP's that I ideally want to have. So if anyone is interested, I would like to part with 5 bottles of Croft 1977 VP.

I see the following optinos:
- sell the bottles at the price I got them for (all 5 in one transaction preferably);
- trade them for 4 or 3 (depending on the producer / condition) bottles of 1970 VP.

The 2nd option would be my option of preference :D

Please note: I am located in The Netherlands (near Breda). And I will be attending the 2015 Vintage Port tasting in Leverkusen Germany on November 3rd (an exchange of bottles could therefor also take place there).

Best regards,

Re: Croft 1977 VP

Posted: 19:22 Wed 11 Oct 2017
by gerwin.degraaf
Bottles are sold to a fellow port lover (and soon to be delivered) :-)