Sandemans 1977

Port to sell? Excellent! Please post here, with details of what you have, how stored, and where in the world it is. Please start by reading our ‘Standard advice to would-be vendors’.
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Cruz Ruby
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Sandemans 1977

Post by TupperS » 07:17 Fri 07 Jul 2017

I have a full case of Sandemans Vintage 1977 available for purchase/collection. Anyone interested? Please respond -

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Re: Sandemans 1977

Post by PhilW » 15:41 Fri 07 Jul 2017

Hi TupperS, welcome to :tpf: I'm not sure whether you've seen our ‘Standard advice to would-be vendors’, if not it's worth a read.

You should let us know roughly where you are located as this would significantly affect collection; and if you could say anything about how long the port has been in your possession, and how it has been stored, this would be a good starting point for anyone who might be interested.

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