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10 x 75cl 1977 Dow's Silver Jubilee Vintage Port

Posted: 17:32 Tue 20 Jun 2017

I was given a half-case of Dow's 1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee Vintage Port by my grandfather upon each of turning 18 and 21 (three years ago, and this year). I've drunk two of the bottles, but now am looking to sell the rest (10 bottles) as I definitely won't get through it, feel I don't enjoy it as much as it should be, and need the money.

They have been stored professionally for their entire lives up until I was sent them, from which point they have been stored horizontally in a cool dark cupboard with the rest of the wine in my parents' house, with little variation in temperature. All the bottles are in pretty much perfect condition - I'm having some trouble uploading pictures despite the helpful amateur's guide on the forum, but a quick search online for pictures of their contemporaries leads me to believe they literally haven't suffered any wear and tear at all.

So I was just looking for advice on whether to sell them to a wine merchant through just google searches or sell them on forums like this one - and if possible any suggestions of reasonable prices? Online they seem to vary a lot so I have little clue what is a good fetch.

Thank you for your help.

Re: 10 x 75cl 1977 Dow's Silver Jubilee Vintage Port

Posted: 18:10 Tue 20 Jun 2017
by Glenn E.
A good measure of value can be found on Don't use their "average value" feature, though, as that's distorted by shops advertising "trophy bottles" at massively inflated prices. The least expensive couple of listings are a reasonable approximation of fair market value at retail.

Then, as our standard advice to would-be vendors indicates, you'll need to discount for a private sale. The general rule of thumb is 50% of retail, but since winesearcher is an internet search engine its prices are a little lower than your typical local wine shop. So perhaps 70% of winesearcher's price might be reasonable.

A quick search tells me that 1977 Dow sells for about 55-60 GBP per bottle in the UK. So I'd say you shouldn't expect more than 40 GBP/bottle, and that's likely the high end of the price range. I wouldn't be surprised or offended if offers started at 30 or 35 GBP/bottle.

If that price seems reasonable to you, then someone here may be interested. If not, then you might consider keeping them to drink over time. Port will last for decades if stored well, so there's really no rush to finish off your bottles. Even if you only drink 1 bottle every other year, the last bottle 20 years from now will still be delicious.

Re: 10 x 75cl 1977 Dow's Silver Jubilee Vintage Port

Posted: 19:19 Tue 20 Jun 2017
Thank you, very helpful stuff.

Re: 10 x 75cl 1977 Dow's Silver Jubilee Vintage Port

Posted: 21:28 Mon 26 Jun 2017
by CPR 1
I have sent you a PM