1863 Leacock Malmsey Solera Madeira Wine

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1863 Leacock Malmsey Solera Madeira Wine

Post by cadha » 12:44 Thu 01 Jun 2017

I've recently inherited a small family wine cellar, where I found a magnificent bottle of old Madeira Wine, a Leacock Malmsey Solera 1863, which was acquired during a family trip to Madeira in the early 70's (when it was bottled), and has since then been properly stored (dark basement, horizontal position). By its color and liquid level (well above the "bottle's shoulders") the wine appears to be in top condition (at least according to the opinion of a good friend of mine who I tend to consider a qualified opinion in this particular case).
The label and the top sealing material are also unspoiled, as you can see in the attached photos.
Not being a great fan of fortified wines, and assuming that this is indeed a special bottle, I do not believe I am the "proper" person to drink it, and I’m considering to sell it if I receive a fair offer - otherwise I'll have to make the great sacrifice of drinking it! ;)

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