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Looking to sell

Posted: 13:25 Wed 28 Sep 2016
by AlCapone69
Hi just looking to price and maybe sell two different bottles of port,

The first is a Martinez vintage 1985, undamaged wooden case

The second is a Romariz 1963 Colheita, also with an undamaged case

Any input would be really appreciated. :D

Re: Looking to sell

Posted: 15:58 Wed 28 Sep 2016
by jdaw1
Hello. Where are you? Which country, which city?

Can you post pictures? (Instructions in our Standard advice to would-be vendors.)

Martinez 1985 might be about £40 retail, so a private sale is likely to be near £20. If this is less than you were hoping, is there anybody to whom you could give it as a gift?

The Romariz 1963 Colheita is outside my expertise: somebody else might comment.

Re: Looking to sell

Posted: 16:56 Wed 28 Sep 2016
by PeterPort
Martinez 1985 retail, just below 50 euro or indeed about £40
Romariz 1963 Colheita retail 150 euro and more. ... tugal/1963

Re: Looking to sell

Posted: 17:11 Wed 28 Sep 2016
by PhilW
Recent bottlings of Romariz '63 Colheita are available for £120, which suggests this might make £60 in a private sale *if* this bottle is bottled in the last couple of years. If an older bottling then perhaps £30-40, but in either case noting this is not a well known brand, so might be harder to find a buyer (in which case perhaps aim for 50/30 for a recent/older bottling respectively).

Re: Looking to sell

Posted: 10:13 Thu 29 Sep 2016
by AlCapone69
In Dublin Ireland, and they are both old bottles, as in given to me the same year as listed

Re: Looking to sell

Posted: 06:24 Fri 30 Sep 2016
by Glenn E.
That isn't possible in either case.

A 1985 Vintage Port could not have been given to you before 1987 as that is the earliest it could have been bottled. Similarly, a 1963 Colheita could not have been bottled before 1970, though it was likely much later. The '63 Romariz that I have tasted was bottled around 2007, if I remember correctly.

Re: Looking to sell

Posted: 07:18 Fri 30 Sep 2016
by PhilW
AlCapone69 wrote:In Dublin Ireland, and they are both old bottles, as in given to me the same year as listed
Hi again - yes, not quite sure what you mean by that. As Glenn says, the 1985 vintage port would have been bottles in 1987, so that is the earliest you may have bought it. The 1963 colheita could have been bottled any time from ~1970 onwards - often the producers will keep maturing old tawny/colheita and do many bottlings over the years; this will also considerably affect its value in two ways: (i) as already mentioned, while still ok many years later, tawny/colheita is generally considered to be at its best for around 2-3 years after bottling, plus (ii) consider a 1963 colheita (i.e. using grapes matured in wood since the 1963 harvest) bottled in 1983 vs bottled in 2013; the former is bottled at 20yr old, the latter is bottled at 50yr old; a 50yr old colheita will be very different to a 20yr old colheita due to all the extra time in the barrel, but they do not change (much) subsequently in the bottle (except to lose a little of their freshness 2-3 years after bottling).

We may be getting into more detail that you want to know about here; but while we've tried to give some idea of potential value, to price the colheita properly we would really need to identify when it was bottled - preferably by photo of the bottle and front/back labels or the whole bottle.