Davy's of London 1982 - worth anything?

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Davy's of London 1982 - worth anything?

Post by jayneg » 17:11 Sat 20 Aug 2016

I have two bottles of this port. It's been stored horizontally in a cupboard since they were bought in 1992. I was just wondering if they have any value?
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Re: Davy's of London 1982 - worth anything?

Post by jdaw1 » 22:55 Sat 20 Aug 2016

Sorry, but no. Alas 1982 is not a vintage of any repute, but by the bottled by Royal Oporto is worse. Value is less than the cost of posting them to a purchaser.

Can you drink them? (But have a back-up bottle in case they aren’t drinkable.) Have you a friend, or even an enemy, to whom they could be given?

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