Quinta do Carvalho Tour

Post your experiences of travel, especially for the Douro region. Make recommendations for places to stay and visit or ask advice from those that have already been there.
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Quinta do Carvalho Tour

Post by JacobH » 12:40 Sat 09 Oct 2010

Slightly against my better judgement, I went on this tour on the recommendation of the guy in the tourist office on the beach in Pinhão. You pay €10 to be taken for a tour to the top of the hill at Carvalho in an open-topped bus followed by a tasting at the Royal Oporto shop. (Yes, I know, but I decided to keep an open mind!). The views are (inevitably) spectacular, especially of Bomfin and Cavadinha. The ‟tasting”, however, was just a glass of the Royal Oporto white: something that you would get anyway if you turned up at the shop. A waste of time and a rip-off: unless you are on your own you could save some money by hiring a taxi to drive you up. To be avoided.

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