Quinta do Seixo

Post your experiences of travel, especially for the Douro region. Make recommendations for places to stay and visit or ask advice from those that have already been there.
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Quinta do Seixo

Post by JacobH » 12:24 Sat 09 Oct 2010

Located on the South Bank of the Douro, just a little way to the West of Pinhão, Quinta do Seixo has a new visitors’ centre developed by Sandeman. It is very touristy: you get a guided tour by a guide dressed as the Don but you do get to see the mechanical lagars. The tour is quite short but is followed by a tasting in a wonderful bar, overlooking the Douro and the vineyards. The tasting is mostly basic wines: for €15 you get the white, ruby, tawny, 10 y/o tawny and a Vau vintage but I think it is worth it.

One word of warning: the centre is at the top of a hill which makes walking from Pinhão pretty much impossible and a taxi fairly expensive (c. €15) because of all the loops in the road to get up there.

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