Old Train Station at Ferradosa (Restaurant)

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Old Train Station at Ferradosa (Restaurant)

Post by benread » 22:28 Wed 02 Jun 2010

This was without doubt one of the best settings I have ever experienced for a lunch. About 50+ years ago, the train was re-routed very slightly at Feradosa, resulting in a new train 'station' (I use the word loosely as it is now nothing more than a platform with one small shelter) being built about 1/2 mile further up stream. The old station is now a restaurant, with formal seating inside and lounge chairs outside on the old platform. It looks straight out over the Douro. The train line has been re-routed on the other side of the river, so no risk of lunch being spoilt by a train.

We were joined for lunch by Oscar Quevedo. We might have struggled a little without Oscar acting as translator! Although I am sure it attracts its share of tourists, this place seems to mainly draw its customer from the surrounding locals. The food was excellent, and certainly focussed on local delicacies. Nowhere else have I seen pigs ears to try!

It is entirely buffet style - all 3 courses, but that is not to be confused with some of the awful buffets we experience in the UK. The food was varied and good. With apperatifs, 2 bottles of excellent (and decanted) wine and bottled water, we paid around EUR20 per head.

This is out of the way, but if you find yourself in the vicinity (I think the next two train stations were Vargellas and Vesuvio) it is worth considering. Just remember the trains are very infrequent.
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Re: Old Train Station at Ferradosa (Restaurant)

Post by DRT » 22:50 Wed 02 Jun 2010

This is certainly one of the most remote places I have ever had lunch 88)

Like Ben I would recommend this place to anyone who has the time to venture that far up the Douro. If I remember correctly it is around 45 minutes drive from Pinhao.
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Re: Old Train Station at Ferradosa (Restaurant)

Post by Roy Hersh » 09:32 Wed 09 Jun 2010

Actually about 45 minutes by train and then 10 minutes by boat.

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