Yet another Porto travel thread

Post your experiences of travel, especially for the Douro region. Make recommendations for places to stay and visit or ask advice from those that have already been there.
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Yet another Porto travel thread

Post by JacobH » 11:34 Tue 08 Sep 2020

After the endless to-ing and fro-ing about air corridors to Portugal, we have decided it is probably safe enough to try a little trip to Porto next week. The plan is slightly different from normal: a weekend break in the Yeatman, followed by renting an apartment in Bolhão to take advantage of the working-from-home possibilities that the pandemic has opened up to us. Probably no trip up the Douro valley this time: having suffered some dodgy internet connections in the past, I think it’s just a bit safer to be in Porto.

Not quite sure, yet, what we will visit this time. The temptation is to repeat all the things we have done before, which isn’t always desirable.

Some thoughts / questions:

Has anyone been to the new TFP World of Wine? It all looks very interesting but it seems quite aggressively priced (i.e. €50 to get into each exhibit) and I am wondering if it might be worth the money. It’s quite hard to get a new museum off the ground from scratch, let along 5 of them and information is really patchy (unsurprising since they have just opened in the middle of COVID-19).

I presume the best place for trying unusual Ports is still Portologia (née Vinologia) or are there any alternatives?

Might I ask the “what lodge should I visit?” question again? I would express a very strong preference for anywhere that can offer an in-depth tour and / or which let you choose a more interesting selection of Ports to try than the inevitable ruby, tawny, white, 10yo, LBV mix. Would clearly be happy to pay a premium for this! It’s all a bit vague looking on the different websites.


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