Places to visit in the Douro

Post your experiences of travel, especially for the Douro region. Make recommendations for places to stay and visit or ask advice from those that have already been there.
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Places to visit in the Douro

Post by AHB » 19:54 Fri 28 Sep 2018

I’m currently in the Douro working on the b.f.t. and helping Julian sell his book. I thought it might be worth mentioning a couple of places we stayed and / or eaten - although none are new to people who have read travel posts on this forum.

The Holiday Inn in Gaia is clean, not too expensive and within walking distance of the lodges and the metro.

I love eating at Vinum and thoroughly recommend it. Although if you want to take your own wine please do call and agree this in advance.

I stayed at Quinta de la Rosa for the first time and had dinner in Clara’s Kitchen. I thoroughly recommend La Rosa as a base from which to explore the Douro.

One observation was that Pinhão is now so busy at harvest time and with all the river cruise ships which stop there that it is very difficult to get a taxi on demand. At one point we had to order a taxi from Regua!

We visited Quinta das Lamelas and had a very interesting tasting of their aged whites and recent vintage ports. If you get the chance to visit them, please do (by appointment only). We also caught up with Oscar, which was very enjoyable. If you’re visiting, please get in touch with him and see if he’s about. Unfortunately I didn’t make a note of the excellent restaurant we ate at - superb octopus!
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