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Internet videos of the historic Douro

Posted: 14:14 Mon 13 Apr 2020
by AHB
Occasionally as I am rummaging around on the internet for something I come across a video of an historic aspect of the Port industry. I decided that when this happened I would add it to this thread with a short description of what was on the video to allow others to use it as a reference in the future.
  1. A 40 minute interview by Paulo Russell-Pinto of the IVDP with Carla Tiago of Kopke and Mario Cardoso of Quinta da Sequeira talking about the demarcated region, winemaking in the Douro and the history of their two companies. Made in 2020. Shown on FaceBook.
  2. Wine Boats of the Douro River is a 2m45s 1923 silent clip from British Pathé showing ox carts carrying pipes of Port, being loaded on the Barcos Rabellos at Regua and then sailed / rowed downriver.
  3. A 3 minute clip in French about the Douro and featuring Jorge and Ana Rosas and the Ramos Pinto cellar. 2020.

Re: Internet videos of the historic Douro

Posted: 08:03 Thu 18 Jun 2020
by AHB
First post updated to add a recent interview released on FaceBook.