Know before you bid

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Know before you bid

Post by akzy » 13:08 Wed 23 Oct 2019

Whilst investigating laser methods for some separate work I'm doing, I stumbled across this company VeriVin which uses laser techniques to determine liquids without opening them! They seem very interested in building up a large wine library with the profiles to determine what they are. They're near Oxford - perhaps we should reach out to have them as an educated monkey?

To me, the physics seems sound - as to whether they can achieve a library of wine profiles with enough discrimination between them remains to be seen. Promising result however on this page ( where they show clear distinction between 3 types, two wines, where one of the wines has been through 'accelerated oxidisation'.

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Re: Know before you bid

Post by jdaw1 » 15:20 Wed 23 Oct 2019

Interesting. I’ve emailled, asking for the eigenvalues in the example.

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