2017 Vintage Port Tasting Recap with Notes and other information

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2017 Vintage Port Tasting Recap with Notes and other information

Post by Andy Velebil » 01:19 Sat 11 May 2019

San Francisco, California
May 09, 2019

A lot of rumors have been circulating about how good the 2017 Vintage Ports are. So I went to see for myself if the hype was true. Thankfully it was only a short flight up to San Francisco to join the Houses of The Fladgate Partnership, Quinta do Noval, Quinta da Romaneira, and the Symington Family Estates in sampling their wares. Leading the tasting was Charles Symington, Dominic Symington, Rupert Symington, Adrian Bridge, David Guimaraens and Carlos Agrellos. Most people will recognize most of the names listed. However, some may not be familiar with Carlos. Carlos is the Technical Director of Quinta do Noval and Romaneira. He took over from his uncle, Antonio, who retired at the end of 2017.

About The Year
A cold very dry winter led into a very dry year overall. Only about 300mm of rain fell during the year, far below the average. Then a long hot spring and summer. June recorded the hottest temperature since 1980. As a result everything started early. To give you an idea, at Quinta do Noval bud burst started on March 14th. Flowering May 8th, Verasion June 19th (July 11th for Touriga Nacional and Tinta Cao) and picking grapes started on August 17th for the white grapes. Generally speaking everything was about 2-3 weeks ahead of normal and necessitated recalling people from their holidays during August to start the harvest.

Due to the exceptionally dry year the older vines, with their well established roots, did much better. While there was some raisining of grapes, triage of the grapes coming in made a big difference. Getting rid of the shriveled grapes and keeping the ripe fresh ones have turned out some fantastically rich yet fresh Ports.

Overall Impression
A lot of people have talked about how Vintage Port has been “Too approachable” in recent vintages and have expressed concerns on how they may age in the long term. Those people can now put those thoughts to rest. The term “Old School” aptly describes how these Ports showed. In general, these young Vintage Ports were just massive tannic and acidic fruit bombs. Yet at the same time still retained freshness. Die hard Port lovers will enjoy the return to massive mouth drying Ports. As you will see in my notes the scoring range for these is the closest I’ve ever encountered with young Vintage Ports. I think that speaks volumes for how good of a year it really was. I think 1970 may be a good comparison in that one would have to work hard not to make a good Port.

I’ve heard some asking how it compares to 2016. I will simply say they are as different as night and day. These are bigger, bolder, more depth and complexity and longer finishes. 2017 has been compared to the 1945 vintage. I wasn’t around then to taste them young, but I have no doubt these will live up to that comparison in the long run.

Some comments on the tasting and my notes
This was a sit down tutored tasting with a self-guided walk around after so one could retry the Ports if so desired. We spent about 5 minutes with each Port so these are very much a snap shot tasting. None the less, as you’ll read in my notes that didn’t stop them from firing on all cylinders. I’ve included some technical details where readily available. All Ports are the final blends, though bottling will take place in the coming months. Forgive any typos!

For more technical info please visit https://vintageportsite.com/ for Symington Family Estates. https://fladgatepartnership.com for the Fladgate Partnership and http://www.quintadaromaneira.pt for Romaneira. Noval does not, as of yet, have info listed I could find.


2017 Cockburn’s Vintage Port
Very dark glass staining color. A nose full of ripe plums and esteva. Plenty of tannins with a good streak of acidity, cracked pepper, chocolate, plums and a very long finish. This appeared to be a touch drier profile than usual. This is made from grapes from two Quinta’s, Vale Coelho and Canais. 2,500 cases.
92-94(+) Points

2017 Croft Vintage Port
Tad lighter in color than the Cockburn’s. Lots of passion fruit on the nose, which has become this VP’s trade mark. The palate also had passion fruit with bold fruit under lying it. Huge tannins and excellent acidity. An amazingly long finish full of dusty tannins and good structure. The best Croft since the 2003. Just a wonderful Port that has many decades ahead of it. 3,900 cases.
95-97 Points

2017 Croft Quinta da Roeda Serikos Vintage Port
From three old-vine plots (Benedita, Ferradura, and Galeria) planted between 1889 and 1900. This had a more purple color to it than the regular Croft. There was less passion fruit on the nose than the regular Croft. While the palate was similar to the Croft this had far more tannins and a slightly darker fruit and raisin profile. Enticing spices and pepper mixed in with some chalkiness continued to the very long lingering finish. A remarkable first vintage indeed. 200 cases.
95-97 Points

2017 Dow’s Vintage Port
One of the darkest of the bunch. The nose had sweet and dense black fruit and esteva. In the mouth there was a touch of youthful spirit, lovely spices, menthol and mocha. A very long dusty finish with tobacco leaf rounded out a wonderful Port. As usual this is a slightly drier profile and that showed throughout. 5,250 cases.
95-97 Points

2017 Fonseca Vintage Port
From three Quinta’s, Cruzeiro, Santo Antonio and its backbone Panascal. Lots of red stone fruit on the nose. While the palate had bold tannins, huge fresh dark fruit, plenty of acidity and a granite-like chalkiness. An incredibly long and dry finish, yet fresh at the same time. Lots of depth and complexity in this youngster. This, along with many in this tasting, is a step up from previous years. 8,100 cases.
96-98 Points

2017 Graham’s Vintage Port
Picking started on 28 August and finished on the 15th of September, the latter is when picking normally starts. A exceptionally dark color. Loads of aromatic violets on the nose. A much sweeter profile was immediately noticeable followed by cracked pepper, tobacco leaf, chocolate, spices and tannins. A long lush and voluptuous finish chocked full of eucalyptus and tannins. The best Graham’s VP in many years and one that is nipping at the heels of The Stone Terraces. This was outstanding. 5,250 cases.
97-99 Points

2017 Graham’s The Stone Terraces Vintage Port
The fourth release. This represents about 4% of total production from Quinta dos Malvedos. Yields are roughly 1,100 kilos per hectare, which is a tiny amount. Squid ink describes the dark color of this. It has some passion fruit up front in the mouth, though much less than the Croft. That was mixed in with dark stone fruits, tons of acidity and tannins, massive grip and complexity. This never seemed to end and actually continued to expand on the palate even after drinking it. The complex structure of this was exceptional. The Malvedos estate is predominantly south-facing, but the stone terraces are cooler east and northeast-facing plots. 600 cases.
98-100 Points

2017 Krohn Vintage Port
There was something on the nose I couldn’t quite place, perhaps peach mixed with plums. Regardless, it was very enticing aromas. Lots of plums, menthol, cassis and a moderate amount of tannins. A solidly long finish was an extension of the palate. Perhaps the best Krohn’s VP I’ve had in a long time. 1,400 cases
93-95 Points

2017 Quinta do Noval Vintage Port
A dark inky purple with a nose chalked full of black fruit and roses. The palate also had deep black fruit, pepper, eucalyptus, tons of tannins and searing acidity. Tons of complexity and layers in this magnificent Port. It becomes slightly sweeter until the dusty tannins take over on the very long finish. Perhaps the best young Noval since the 2003. 3,500 cases.
96-98 Points

2017 Quinta do Noval Nacional Vintage Port
Slightly darker in color compared to the regular Noval with a similar nose. Cracked pepper dominates on the tip of the tongue with a wave of tannins coming on its heels. Slightly drier than the regular bottling yet still full of fresh layers of fruit. That fruit kicks into high gear on the incredibly long finish, which also brings forth tobacco and tea leafs and that wall of tannins and searing acidity. Another spectacular vintage of Nacional. 200 cases.
97-99 Points

2017 Quinta da Romaneira Vintage Port
A very fragrant nose of esteva, plums and perfume. That esteva also pops up in the mouth along with flowers, plums, licorice, black fruit and elegant yet bold tannins. The acidity gives this lift and freshness as it transitions into the long finish. This Port has continued to increase in quality with each passing vintage since Christian Seely took over the property. 1,100 cases.
94-96 Points

2017 Taylor Fladgate Vintage Port
A dark inky color with a bold black stone fruit nose. Noticeably sweeter in the mouth until the massive dry tannins kicked in. Plenty of layers of chocolate, menthol, violets and a touch of youthful spirit. The lush lingering finish has tons of dusty dry tannins and acidity mixed in with that fruit. A step up from last years version. The company’s two Pinhão Valley vineyards, Quinta de Terra Feita and Quinta do Junco, also contribute to this Port. 11,500 cases.
96-98(+?) Points

2017 Taylor Fladgate Vargellas Vinha Velha Vintage Port
Slightly darker in color than the regular bottle. A touch sweeter initially, then lots of violets, casis, eucalyptus, pepper, searing acidity and big bold tannins. The finish brings even more tannins as that sweetness subsides and the fresh fruit takes over. A very intense long finish caps off what is the best vintage of this in its history. Kudos to Taylor’s for a job well done! Vinha Velha, meaning ‘old vineyard’, is made up of five individual plots containing many vines over a century old. 467 cases
98-100 Points

2017 Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage Port
Dark inky color. Sweet up front then waves of black fruit take over. Following the fruit allspice, tannins and spearmint. Jammy and tannic long finish wraps up a lovely Port. The first tasting of this the Port was quite closed. The second bottle I tried was much better but it took some effort to get it to come out. Cranky young VP is a good sign for the future! 1,200 cases.
94-96 Points

2017 Capela da Quinta do Vesuvio Vintage Port
The fourth bottling of this Port. Loads of black plums, violets and flowers on the nose. This shows a touch drier than the regular bottling with layers of tobacco, lots of spices, cassis, dusty tannins, cracked white pepper, black fruit and excellent acidity. Like most in this tasting the finish just lingers for minutes. A fantastic bottling of this rare Port. From incredibly low-yielding 90-year-old vines from the Vinha da Capela vineyard on the Estate. 472 cases.
97-98+ Points

2017 Warre’s Vintage Port
This was one of the darkest of the line up in color. A very fragrant nose full of fresh dark fruit, esteva, tea and fresh flowers. A touch sweeter in style with some youthful spirit still poking through that will dissipate shortly. Eucalyptus and spearmint, dusty dry tannins, bold rich yet fresh fruit, loads of acidity, and tea. This picks up the pace on the long explosive finish as the fruit pops out even more. There is a lot going on in this one. I don’t get why more people don’t give this Port more attention. Magnificent sums it up. From the relatively high 29 hectare vineyard at Quinta da Cavadinha in the Pinhão Valley, the 22 hectare vineyard at Quinta do Retiro in the Rio Torto Valley, and the 25 hectare Quinta da Telhada, in the upper reaches of the Douro Superior.
3,600 cases.
96-98 Points

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Re: 2017 Vintage Port Tasting Recap with Notes and other information

Post by flash_uk » 11:20 Sat 11 May 2019

:GoldStar: Many thanks for a very thorough write-up Andy

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Re: 2017 Vintage Port Tasting Recap with Notes and other information

Post by DaveRL » 12:08 Sat 11 May 2019

Thank you, very interesting, great write up. My mouth is now watering in anticipation, really looking forward to trying these now. :)

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Re: 2017 Vintage Port Tasting Recap with Notes and other information

Post by Axel P » 18:58 Mon 13 May 2019

Thank you, Andy. Terrific read.

I am off to the Symington tasting with Henry Shotton tomorrow and will evaluate those against the TFP and Noval afterwards.

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Re: 2017 Vintage Port Tasting Recap with Notes and other information

Post by Alex Bridgeman » 14:57 Tue 28 May 2019

I’ve now had the opportunity to taste a similar range of Ports from the 2017 vintage. There is no doubt in my mind that this is a fabulous vintage, comparable with 2011 and 1994 although some of the talk has been to compare 2017 with 1945 because of the growing conditions. If true, this really is a vintage to buy – the 1945 Ports are some of the best wines you can drink. I've only been tasting new Vintage Ports since the 1994 Vintage and in that limited experience I have rarely encountered such a range of consistently excellent Ports.

In general, the 2017 vintage is full of fragrant fruit with each shipper having their own twist – mint in Taylor, black tea leaves in Niepoort – but every one of them backs the pure and concentrated fruit with a great dose of acidity and generous tannins in perfect balance. All are soft and silky in texture when first sipped and only reveal their power with some patience. The tannins are consistently ripe, toasted and finely grained but with the great power and grip not seen often in modern Port. What has been fascinating is that the stylistic differences between the houses seems to have been accentuated in this vintage with terroir and different proportions of grape varietals showing clearly.

The growth of the super-cuvée continues with Croft Old Vines being used this year to create Croft Roeda Serikos, which sits alongside Noval Nacional, Graham Stone Terraces, Vesuvio Capela, Niepoort Bioma and Taylor Vargellas Vinha Velha. The prices of these small production, super selection wines are continuing to grow and demand is likely to outstrip supply.

In summary, here are my thoughts on the 2017 Vintage Ports which I have had the chance to taste so far:

Deep purple in colour with an opaque centre and a narrow rim. Superb blackcurrant fruit on the nose, very sweet and perfectly ripe with a lovely black tea leaf perfume. Wonderful balance on the entry with the fruit leading; fruit which is ripe and clean with no over-ripeness. Astonishing perfumed tannins on the mid-palate; big and grippy yet ripe and fine-grained and so well integrated into the fabulous perfumed fruit. The aftertaste has a chewiness to it from the powerful tannins, and fruit which fades in and out of the finish, lingering for ages and dancing with the gentle green-edged tannins that appear minutes after swallowing.
This is a beautiful wine with a wonderful balance of clean, pure fruit but with powerful tannins. The purity and elegance of the wine is amazing - and makes this very special. 95-97/100.

Intense purple colour. Fresh nose of very ripe strawberries, perhaps showing some clean alcohol that hasn't fully integrated yet. Soft and smooth fruit with a huge pack of firm tannins; the fruit remains smooth and sweet but hides a huge tannic load. This is a really big and old fashioned style of Port but one which has all the benefits of modern Port-making knowledge. The ripe tannins hold firm through the aftertaste and very long finish that is packed with soft blueberry. Very impressive, very big. 90-92/100.

From Barão de Vilar. Intensely red, so much so that a swirl stains the glass! Attractive but gentle nose of sweet blackcurrants with a pleasant floral undertone. Smooth and silky in texture with nicely balanced fruit, dense and concentrated with distinct tannins hiding underneath and a good cleansing acidity. An amazing length of finish, full of bitter-sweet blackcurrant that just goes on and on. This Port is big, balanced with great fresh fruit, but lacks a little finesse found in some of the Ports from this vintage. 88-90/100.

Standing out from its peers, this is distinctly more red in tone than most. Blackcurrant and spearmint on the very pronounced nose creates a promise for the palate – a promise which is delivered. The structure of this Port is fabulous with purity of sweet and concentrated fruit backed by powerful acidity and exquisite tannins. The massive tannins dominate the palate and aftertaste, giving a dark chocolate edge to the fruit on the lingering finish. This has everything a Port should have, in perfect balance, yet with the power expected of Taylor. A brute of a Port with such elegant fruit. Every now and again an amazing Port is born, and this is such an occasion. 96-98/100.

Taylor Vargellas Vinha Velha
Another Port which is red in tone, rather than purple. Expressive and floral on the nose with fruit oozing out of the glass. The texture wraps the mouth in silk and then dries out the cheeks with the fine, toasted tannins. Add in the fruit and you have a fabulous palate. This port delivers layer after layer of flavours, whether on the nose, the palate or the finish and has so much complexity. I loved the red licorice I found! Stunning. 97-99/100.

Red in tone with a medium transparent rim. A nose which is dominated by perfume and flowers rather than raw fruit, one of the more elegant noses of the vintage. However, there is no shortage of fruit on the palate, fruit which is sweet and ripe giving a smooth texture. The tannins are powerful but not fierce with just a hint of greenness to them, which is a welcome difference from most other Ports of the vintage. The finish is very, very long with a delicious combination of green chewiness and fragrant liquorice – distinctly liquorice root rather than processed black liquorice. A very, very fine Port. 94-96/100.

For me this has been the surprise of the vintage. So expressive on the nose, hugely fragrant, and inviting you to take that first sip. Once you do the opulent Croft fruit takes over with multiple layers and nuances of sweet, black bramble fruit dominating the palate. At least dominating until that instant when your cheeks and tongue dry out as the tannins become bored waiting for you to finish enjoying the fruit. Once thy have your attention, they never really let go and are always there as you savour your way through the various phases of fruit and floral flavour this delivers on the palate, aftertaste and long, grippy finish. This reminds me a lot of the great Crofts made in 1994 and 2003. 94-96/100.

Croft Roeda Serikos
This was one of the few 2017 Vintage Ports tried shortly after bottling which was not opaque. A very fragrant nose, quite different from most others, capturing the dry dustiness of the Douro summer heat, with rock rose and Mediterranean herbs mixed into the sweet bramble fruit. Satin smooth texture relaxes over the palate with gentle bramble fruit and gripping tannins – the whole being beautifully balanced and with considerable elegance. A big and very fine Port ends with the extremely long finish that seems to be a hallmark of this vintage. 93-95/100.

Only 11% of the grapes grown at the Graham’s quintas were used for the production of the Vintage Port. Very dark purple in tone, darker than Taylor or Noval, and opaque right to the edge of the rim. This is clearly an extremely dense and extracted wine. The nose is surprisingly herbaceous, with a delicious fresh-cut grass folded into the bitter-sweet blackcurrant fruit. Sweet fat fruit spreads over the tongue with the first sip, followed by a wave of powerful acidity. The sweet blackcurrant dominates the palate and aftertaste, fat but without being flabby, the acidity being so well judged to perfectly balance the sweetness of the fruit. The tannins only really show up after the fruit has done its job, they are there at the finish, ripe and fine-grained. A very fine Port. 93-95/100.

Graham Stone Terraces
Another deeply purple coloured young Port. By contrast to the Graham, this is much more closed on the nose but the palate is a huge explosion of flavours, fragrant in taste and velvet in texture. The tannins are huge, hiding under fruit with the two combining together to give a great mouthful. The amazing floral tones come out on the aftertaste and sweet fruit finish. This is endless sweet purple velvet in a glass; immense and delicious. 96-98/100.

An incredibly dark black colour with a purple tone only if held up to the light. Floral nose with rock rose dominating the scents in the glass; smooth satin texture bringing sweet bramble fruit and a sense of false security before the relentless tannins seize the mouth and don’t let go – but never without the fruit overlay. The grip on the aftertaste borders on being brutal but the fruit is so rich, sweet and divine that you forgive the youthful exuberance of the wine. This is a fabulous old-fashioned Port with the fruit and the tannins fighting for supremacy, a fight which will go on for decades. Brilliant stuff. 95-97/100.

A lovely strawberry-red colour, this Port has a delightful nose with sweet fruit lifting itself out of the glass and enveloping the nose. Deep pile velvet in texture, with the fruit floating on the top of the pile … and the toasted tannins underneath. Great grip, but this never detracts from the fragrant and floral fruit, which comes with nice layers and even hints at mango and pineapple deep within the blackcurrant and blackberries. The aftertaste highlights the wonderful perfume of the fruit. This is a great addition to the Warre stable of Ports, having all the hallmark elegance and complexity. Warre’s Ports are often overlooked in favour of Graham and Dow, but are some of the Port-lover’s favourites. 93-95/100.

Deep purple tone. Lifted nose, with generous fruit and sun-warmed pine needles adding an attractive resin complexity to the fruit. Another Port from the vintage which seems to have delivered Ports which are consistently smooth – satin or velvet-like. Very good fruit and density on the palate, bringing plenty of richness with the sweet and rich fruit, but with a good balancing acidity and plenty of grip. The soft black cherry finish is a highlight of this wine, a wine which may be the best Cockburn Vintage Port since the Symingtons took over the property. 92-94/100.

An amazingly dense red colour with a very narrow rim. Powerful and fragrant on the nose, scents which whisk you to this remote and beautiful part of the Douro Valley, covered in vineyards in the summer heat. The silk and satin texture quickly blossoms into an explosion of the fruit flavours – sweet and dense with a perfect balance. The tannins are perfectly matched to the volume of fruit and seem to add to the lavender and English rose perfume in the fruit. The palate is huge, but the fruit is so clean and pure and just keeps coming back on the finish. 93-95/100.

Capela do Vesuvio
This Port manages to capture the exuberant fruit in the Vesuvio glass with the power from the Dow glass. This Port offers so much – so much sweetness on the perfumed nose; so much complexity on the fruit dominated palate; so much flavour on the aftertaste; so much tannin on the finish. This Port has an amazing complexity and a great presence. 95-97/100.

Quinta do Noval
Only 10% of the Quinta’s production went into the Vintage blend – around 3,500 cases were made. Deep red in colour with a narrow rim. A little more subdued on the nose than some Ports from this vintage, showing a little mint in the blackcurrant. Velvet texture with powerful acidity and huge dominating tannins. The acidic blackcurrant highlights the cleanliness and roundness of the fruit, fruit which is clear and bright like the Douro night sky. The concentration of fruit is stunning, fruit which dominates the late palate and massive aftertaste and amazing multi-minute finish. This wine rises perfectly to the challenge of being both huge and well balanced. 95-97/100.

Quinta do Noval Nacional
Very dark red in colour with a narrow rim. More fruit on the expressive nose than the Noval, fruit which is sweet and pure. Typical 2017 texture on the palate, velvety-smooth with the fruit fragrant, perfumed and floral and the tannins big, powerful and full of toast. By contrast to many Ports from the vintage, the acidity is very marked and very noticeable under the fruit and tannins. The cornflowers in the fruit are highlighted on the complex aftertaste. Such floral notes are rarely encountered in such a concentrated Port. The regular Noval is a fabulous Port, this achieves the near-impossible feat of being more elegant and more complex. Simply stunning. 98-100/100.

Quinta da Romaneira
Perhaps suffering a little from being presented alongside some really stunning Ports, this contribution from Romaneira is a delightful Port, with a green herbs and bramble fruit nose, fruit which is sweet and fully ripe. The palate is nicely balanced with sweet and fragrant fruit, gentle tannin and an easy sweet fruit finish that has good persistence. Easy to drink now, this would be a gem of a Port to discover now or in 30 years time on a restaurant wine list at a sensible price. 88-90/100.
Top Ports in 2019: Niepoort VV (1960s bottling) and Quinta do Noval Nacional 2017
Top Ports in 2020 (so far): Croft 1945 and Niepoort VV (1960s bottling)

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Re: 2017 Vintage Port Tasting Recap with Notes and other information

Post by Andy Velebil » 07:25 Wed 29 May 2019

AHB, thanks for your notes on them! We're pretty spot on with most of them. Though you must of had an off bottle of Ra ;)

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Re: 2017 Vintage Port Tasting Recap with Notes and other information

Post by DRT » 08:17 Sun 02 Jun 2019

Richard Mayson's first impressions of the 2017 vintage

Richard attended the same tasting as AHB, Christopher and I in London on 23rd May 2019.
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Re: 2017 Declarations

Post by winesecretary » 23:16 Thu 06 Jun 2019

At the suggestion of AHB, I am posting my thoughts (I would not dignify them with the phrase 'tasting notes') of the 2017 ports I tasted last night at Baker's Hall. These were samples all served from half (save for Quinta de Noval and Quinta de Portal from bottle). All were opened about 8 hours before I tasted them.

An opening general comment: all of them were very good, and the best were wonderful. This is only the third vintage (after 2011 and 2016) where I have had the opportunity to taste half a dozen or more vintage ports, side by side, when first offered; but it is the first vintage where I thought no producer had fallen below what I, in the abstract, expected of them.

Cockburn 2017 - Glass-staining 90% opaque liquid with a slightly volatile and liquorice-scented nose. A bit of heat on the mid-palate but otherwise smooth rich sweet fruit. Long finish. Very nice port indeed. A slight doubt in my mind about whether it has the depth for the very long term, but that is an observation rather than a criticism.

Croft 2017 - More crimson than the Cockburn, perhaps 80% opaque. A bit hotter on the palate. Very pleasant fruit but not a heavyweight.

Quinta do Portal 2017 - An inky black, 95% opaque, glass-stainer. Really very fine this year. Powerful fruit and chocolatey tannins. Arguably a more magnificent port than the two excellent wines tasted before it.

[I have previously tasted the 2011 and 2003 Q do P, both in June 2013, neither of which I felt really 'made it into the big leagues', the 2011 was a bit odd and the 2003 a bit dumb at that point. But, this one is the real thing, and I thoroughly recommend trying it if you can.]

Graham 2017 - 100% opaque. Astonishing nose of passion fruit, with some fruit cake in support. Rich full, long-finishing 'serious port'. My WOTN.

[It is fair to say that this was not the universal opinion, however.]

Quinta do Noval 2017 - 85% opaque. Felt a touch spirity to me, possibly suffering from being tasted after the luscious Graham.

Taylor 2017 - 85% opaque. A touch of spirit but bags of fruit. Lovely fine-grained tannins. My #2 WOTN.

Fonseca 2017 - 90% opaque. Full and sweet but with reassuringly dry tannins on the finish that assure long life. My #3 WOTN, just ahead of the Portal, because the balance was so good.

Edited to add two notes:(i) these are brief impressions of wines nos. 52-58 of a wider tasting at which I spent only 90 minutes, albeit I spent 20 of those minutes on the ports (ii) this post needs to be moved to the 2017 vintage port tasting notes and recap thread, sorry.

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Re: 2017 Declarations

Post by jdaw1 » 23:05 Fri 07 Jun 2019

winesecretary wrote:
23:16 Thu 06 Jun 2019
At the suggestion of AHB, I am posting my thoughts (I would not dignify them with the phrase 'tasting notes') of the 2017 ports I tasted last night at Baker's Hall. These were samples all served from half (save for Quinta de Noval and Quinta de Portal from bottle). All were opened about 8 hours before I tasted them.
You’re wrong: they’re tasting notes. Though you might have use for the list of Port house standard abbreviations.

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