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Buying port in Portugal!

Posted: 22:18 Sat 23 Sep 2017
by Honestjon
Good evening

I'll be jetting off to the Algarve at the beginning of October for 10 days of late summer sun!

I was hoping to buy a few bottles of port to replenish the stocks but was wondering if anyone knows of any decent retailers in Vilamoura?

Would I be able to pick up a decent bottle or two in a local supermarket or does anyone know of any independent type shops I should be visiting?

Any and all advice is most welcome


Re: Buying port in Portugal!

Posted: 23:34 Sat 23 Sep 2017
by AHB
I'm not familiar with the Algarve so can't help with advice on local wine shops. But my general observation is that Portugal is an expensive place to buy port compared to the UK or the US.

Any idea which airport you're flying through? I've had success in the past with finding reasonably priced port at the airport shops in Lisbon and Oporto.

Re: Buying port in Portugal!

Posted: 14:20 Sun 24 Sep 2017
by Honestjon
Hi and thanks for the advice.

I'm pretty sure we're flying Manchester to Faro.

I'll make sure to have a decent browse of the duty free on the way home!

Thanks again


Re: Buying port in Portugal!

Posted: 14:52 Sun 24 Sep 2017
by idj123
Think I may have mentioned on this Forum before but the Soares chain of wine merchants is well represented in the Algarve and indeed there's one on the Marina in Vilamoura although this is not as cheap as some of the branches that are slightly away from the touristy areas. Don't bother with British shippers as the products of these are cheaper in the UK. However, good prices can be found for the likes of Calem that are also seldom seen in the UK. I didn't do last time but also check out some of the bigger supermarkets as these can sometimes unearth some good value. What I've always found interesting is that somewhat surprisingly, Port prices in the Algarve tend to be cheaper than in Oporto!

Happy hunting!

Re: Buying port in Portugal!

Posted: 16:36 Mon 23 Oct 2017
by jmrc
Certainly there will be others, but I know the following points of sale:
Apolónia Supermercados (good selection of VP although a bit pricey)
Garrafeira Soares (on my vacation in June of this year, I bought two VP at a fair price).
Garrafeira Veneza
Garcias Cash
Duty free at Faro Airport may be a good option.