Quinta Do Noval dating, help!

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Cruz Ruby
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Quinta Do Noval dating, help!

Post by Andy_1590 » 18:14 Tue 22 Aug 2017

Hi, I have purchased an old bottle of port with very little of the label left. Just wondering if anyone can help with identifying what year it's from? I'm thinking 1930's, 40's or maybe early 50's? I've attached some pictures but have also noticed the letters GR embossed into the base of the bottle, not sure if this is a reference to King George? And maybe pre 1952?

Any ideas?
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Re: Quinta Do Noval dating, help!

Post by AHB » 22:34 Tue 22 Aug 2017

You have a bottle of Noval LB, which is a vintage character Port rather than a vintage port. It's difficult to date but there may be some folks on the forum who know when production of LB started and finished.

The GR is a bottle maker's mark and has nothing to do with the monarch at the time the wine was made!
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Re: Quinta Do Noval dating, help!

Post by Glenn E. » 04:48 Wed 23 Aug 2017

According to Jancis Robinson, Noval started making LB in 1960 and "LB" actually stands for "Late Bottled". I believe they still make it, or at least made it until relatively recently, but that the more recent product is a Ruby Reserve since they make an actual LBV now.

This, of course, assumes that AHB is correct and the bottle is a Noval LB. The pictures are too small for me to make out sufficient detail one way or the other.
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Re: Quinta Do Noval dating, help!

Post by Andy_1590 » 09:08 Wed 23 Aug 2017

Hi guys, thanks for the info. It's very difficult to tell from what's left of the labelling and unfortunately I could only upload small low res images to the forum.
The labelling I think says Quinta Do (top line) Noval (middle line) and then the bottom line is a mystery but it doesn't look like the remains of an L or B?

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Re: Quinta Do Noval dating, help!

Post by PhilW » 11:04 Wed 23 Aug 2017

Hi Andy; the silver capsule is indeed typical of the Noval LB; Have a look at the right-hand bottle in this image for a comparison against the lettering stencilled on your bottle. That bottle style was certainly in use during the 60s (specifically, very similar bottles used for LBV (vs LB) produced in '67), so early to mid 60s would be my best guess.

Andy Velebil
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Re: Quinta Do Noval dating, help!

Post by Andy Velebil » 04:54 Thu 24 Aug 2017

It appears to have the "notch" flat spot on the top of the bottle. If so, that puts it around the early 1960's to early 1970's. I've seen LB and 10/20/40 year tawny's in this bottle with the same stencil lettering so it could be any one of those. I can't see the color in the pics, but if it's a dark ruby then it's the LB. If it's more brownish it may be one of the tawny's with an indication of age.

That capsule was used on all the above as well and not just for the LB.

Regardless, any of those are well past their best days now.

BTW, the code on the bottle is simply a production code from the glass company who made it and has nothing to do with any historical connection.

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